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Traveler Review Award 2023

We consider it useful and of interest to our esteemed customers to transcribe the contents of the letter received from Booking com, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world active in the travel sector, a company with which we have been collaborating since our opening. ******** Dear Partner [...]

01 February 2023 | Various

Marabutto of Bordighera

The Marabutto is one of the most characteristic places in Bordighera. Overlooking the sea, the small building is located 21 meters above sea level on the rocks of Capo Ampelio, at the foot of the pine forest, on a rocky esplanade with a suggestive large panoramic opening. It is made of blocks of sandstone quarried on [...]

10 August 2021 | Various

Touring Club Italia Orange Flag

The Orange Flag is awarded to small towns in the hinterland, with less than fifteen thousand inhabitants, which possess a valuable historical, cultural and environmental heritage, and offer tourists a quality welcome. This trademark has temporary validity and every 3 years the Municipalities must re-submit their [...]

20 July 2021 | Various

I Balzi Rossi

The interesting archaeological site of the Balzi Rossi Caves overlooks the Ligurian Sea, is located on Italian territory near the Grimaldi hamlet of Ventimiglia and the Italian-French border about 15 minutes by car from Pietraverdemare. The archaeological site is undoubtedly one of the most representative monuments [...]

16 August 2020 | Various


Brandacujun: curious name for a classic delicious starter from the Ligurian Riviera   Also called Ligurian stockfish, Brandacujun, is a typical dish of the Western Ligurian Riviera. The typical ingredients of this Ligurian gastronomic tradition are: the stockfish (or more rarely the cod) and the boiled potatoes, [...]

28 June 2020 | Various

Villa Regina Margherita

Queen Margherita of Savoy arrived in Bordighera for the first time in September 1879, a guest at Villa Etelinda. The queen had been seriously shaken after the attack that the king had suffered in Naples in the previous year and the doctors recommended the Riviera and in particular Bordighera as a place to recover [...]

27 June 2020 | Various
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