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Vallebona Ape in Fiore 2020 “Limited Edition”

Vallebona Ape in Fiore 2020 “Limited Edition”

July in VALLEBONA is the month of the Ape in Fiore, the event that every year attracts many tourists, curious and passionate in the colorful and picturesque village of the far western Liguria.

This year the party "transforms" and takes on a simpler and more essential form: "caminai cianin" this is the motto of 2020 that will replace "caminai de cursa" that accompanied the previous editions.

Starting from mid-July, about twenty bees will be decorated with artistic and creative installations, recycled material, original and personal decorations.

The novelty: they will remain ALL summer, day and night to give visitors the opportunity to be able to admire them at any time, in complete tranquility to safeguard our health; a map at the entrance of the town will show the route to discover them one by one.

The VALLEBONA Community can count on an important synergy and collaboration of a group of close-knit volunteers who, in these days - directed by the attentive and creative eye of Simona Alborno - has already positioned the historic "three wheels" in the squares, in the alleyways and in some characteristic and unusual corners of the medieval village.

The queens of the party are therefore ready to be embellished: starting on Sunday 12 July, a work in progress that will see the "Ape friends" at work with the aim of transmitting a message, an idea, a vision to the visitor.

There will be bees dedicated to local products, music, culture, a sense of community, fragrant Api and other more conceptual ones. Some will have a more intimate and essential character, others instead more colorful and affected. 'Apensilina, Ape-garden, Ape-cinema, ape-scacciapensieri  are just some of the names assigned ... the rest is to be revealed, always in slow mode!

During the summer, small events are planned with a reasonable number of visitors: presentation of books, mini concerts, jam sessions, photographic experiences and much more: the Administration will communicate the events promptly.

For those who want to taste typical dishes, the local restaurants will be happy to welcome customers in their recently expanded de hors, in a convivial and genuine atmosphere.


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